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Dr, Mari AlKatiri Receive Honorary Doctorate

By Dotokusumo, on July 3, 2010

Note : For more information about Dr. Mari Al Katiri former Prime Minister of Timor Leste please take a look this websites :

   1. Mari Al Katiri in Wikipedia
   2. Dr. Mari Al Katiri di berita Indonesia (1)
   3. Dr. Mari Al Katiri di berita Indonesia (2)
   4. Profile: Mari Al katiri (BBC)
   5. Dr. Mari Al Katiri (Fretilin) in Timor Leste news


On 29 July 2010,  Dr. Mari Bem Amude Al Katiri former Prime Minister of Timor Leste  became an honorary doctor at EUCLID University. The copy of the Honorary Doctorate ” INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP DOCTORAL AWARD” has been sent to the Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Indonesia to be presented to the recipient on the second of July 2010 in the City of Yogjakarta Indonesia. Formal convocation will be organized in Dili The Capital of Timor Leste next 3 month.

Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Indonesia and Dr. Mari Al Katiri


H.E Dr. Mari bem Amude Al Katiri appointed honorary doctors  for his contributions to his Country as First Prime Minister of the Sovereign State of Timor Leste, as well as his acomplishments as a diplomat, noting the ongoing commitment to the global engagement and sustainable development in the region.

Dr. Mari Al Katiri is a member of RDTL Parliament and the Secretray General of Fretilin, the winner of the national election in the Country, but he decided to be opposition of the  Government of  Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.

According to Dr. Mari Al Katiri , the incumbent  Government of RDTL is ” Defacto  not de jure Government”, but he  try to chalenge democraticaly in the next election instead of using a People power in the street. He is now in position of preparing the second generation of Fretilin to govern  the Country and he try his best to make a close relationship with Indonesian Government and non Governmental Leaders and Organizations, especially Islamic Organization.

Dr. Mari Al Katiri has considered to become a teacher of the Nation, but most of his colleagues in Indonesia suggested him to come back to manage Timor Leste at least for 10 years before the second generation taking over, its will be a good for the Country and the Nation.

In Yogjakarta during the Muhammadiyah Congress one of his colleague asked him about the difference between Timor Lorosae and Timor Leste, his answer is there is no difference between the names, but Timos Leste is politically correct’s name for the Country. This name was created and proposed by FRETILIN.

The Certificate Copy of the Honorary Doctorate for H.E Mari Al Katiri has been presented by Mr. Agung Sedayu Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Indonesia in Yogjakarta yestready 3 July 2010 before his departure to Dili.

The formal convocation will be organized in cooperation with the Universidad National Timor Leste on 26 November 2010. Before take off to Bali at the Yogjakarta International Airport once again he send his best regards to EUCLID University Management. We try to do our best for the next Timor Leste and we will govern the Country without corruption.


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MOU between YPI and MORA Indonesia

By Dotokusumo, on June 29th, 2010

The Directorate General of Islamic Education on behalf of the Minister of Education Republic of Indonesia invited officially the Chairman of ICDL Indonesia  MYR Agung Sidayu to attend the ceremony of the signature of the MOU between MORA and YPI ICDl Indonesia Licensee.

Formal Invitation Copy

The Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by the Director General of Islamic Education and the Chairman of YPI, after more than 3 - 4 months negotiation.

MYR Agung Sidayu presenting ICDL Concept

The contents of the MOU is expressing a job description formal between MORA and ICDL Indonesia in implementing  ICDL Concept at 4000 Islamic Secondary Schools in all over Indonesia. 

ICDL Indonesia team work with Minister of Religious Affairs (MORA)

The objective of the sharing program implementation between ICDL Indonesia and The Ministry of Religious Affairs is as follow:

  1. To provide access or services to the Indonesian young generation for the globally recognized Computing Certification with affordable cost.
  2. To provide a chance to the ICDL Test Centre (Madrasah Aliyah) to become a centre of Information and technology Education, especially ICDL qualification
  3. To develop a model of ICT, in order for Indonesia to develop  Internationally Recognize of the Indonesian standard of ICT qualification
  4. To produce Indonesian Young Generation  with Computing skills, in order for them to continue their higher education or to become skilled workforces to enter a competitive workplaces locally or Internationally 
  5. By acquiring a computer skills the alumni of Madrasah Aliyah will not only qualified in the religious disciplines, but also knowledgeable in the computing skills to meet the demand of both the public and the private sectors
  6. Above all to reduce radicalism spirits at the Islamic Secondary Schools in Indonesia

ICDL syllabus, designed and regularly updated by a panel of experts to ensure relevance to the working world and advances in technology, covers the key concepts of computing, their practical applications and use in the workplace and society.  The complete syllabus currently endorsed by the Foundation may be found at, or . It consists of seven modules, each of which must be passed before the ECDL/ICDL certificate is awarded. The modules are:

  1. Basic concepts of information technology
  2. Using the computer and managing files
  3. Word-processing
  4. Spreadsheets
  5. Database
  6. Presentation
  7. Information and Communication

 ICDL is open to anyone regardless of age, education, experience or background. When a candidate registers to start the certification process, he/she receives an ICDL Skills Card on which the progress through the seven tests is recorded. As each module is passed, the accredited testing body will sign the Skills Card for that module. The modules may be taken over any period of time, in any order, even all at once, thus offering maximum flexibility. When all modules have been successfully completed within a maximum duration of 1 years, the Skills Card is exchanged for the ICDL certificate.

What are the benefits

The ICDL is an internationally accepted certification of basic computer skills for all citizens.  It has countless benefits for its holders, organizations, and the community at large.

To Organizations:

Measures training results
Provides a computer skills inventory
Improves pay-back on IT investments
Reduces technical support queries
Increases IT quality and productivity
Provides a benchmark for employee recruitment, promotion, and   retention

To Individuals:

Increases knowledge and confidence
Improves job prospects
Results in an internationally recognized qualification
Confirms up-to-date IT skills to prospective employers.

To the Community:

Addresses the issue of IT Skills shortage
Closes the IT skills gap
Attracts inward investment
Creates new business opportunities.

The MORA Officers will attend for the tomorrow event is :

  1. The Secretary of the Directorat General of PENDIS MORA
  2. Director of Madrasah
  3. Director of Islamic Boarding Schools
  4. Director of Higher Education PENDIS
  5. Director of islamic Education
  6. The head of Curiculum Division
  7. The head of Scholarship
  8. The head of Institutional and parnership
  9. The head of Student welfare
  10. The head of Staffing
  11. Drs. Unang Rahmat
  12. Dr. Nivasri , M.Ed
  13. Dr. Abdul Mukti Bisri
  14. Dra. Hajjah Rufia Rahma
  15. The Head of Administrative
  16. ICDL Indonesia Team
  • MYR Agung Sidayu,MBA, FDTMSI, FPMA
  • Drs. Faisal Madani, MSc, Cand.Ph.D (ICDL  Advicer)
  • Drs. Ali Mukmin Tanjung, SH, M.Hum (ICDL Lawyer)
  • AR Dotokusumo, ICDL Technical support Manager

17. Personal assitents of Minister

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Para dosen LIPIA mengikuti ujian ICDL

Jakarta (24 Juni, 2010)

Sebanyak 25 orang dosen pada perguruan bahasa Arab LIPIA di Jakarta, beberapa hari ini sedang tekun mengikitu ujian ICDL untuk memenuhi persyaratan yang ditentukan oleh Pemerintah Kerajaan Arab Saudi. AR Dotokusumo bertindak sebagai pengawas pada ujian pertama yang diselenggarakan oleh LIPIA dalam statusnya sebagai salah satu Approved Test Center ICDL di Jakarta.

LIPIA adalah cabang dari Universitas Imam Muhammad yang bermarkas di Riyadh Kerajaan Saudi Arabia. keberadaannya di Indonesia adalah untuk menyelenggarakan pembelajaran Bahasa Arab bagi para pelajar Indonesia dan selama ini pembelajaran di LIPIA dilakukan dengan tanpa biaya. karenanya ICDL Indonesia menaruh hormat kepada Pimpinan dan segenap dosen LIPIA .

Perlu diketahui bahwa LIPIA saat ini mempunyai mahasiswa lebih dari 1000 orang dari seluruh Indonesia, dan alumninya banyak mengabdikan diri untuk perjuangan pendidikan di daerahnya masing masing. Didalam penyelenggaraan program ICDL, LIPIA telah mempersiapkan laboratorium Komputer yang cukup baik dan siap untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi mahasiswanya. Diharapkan pada saatnya nanti alumni LIPIA tidak saja mempunyai keahlian dalam bahasa Arab dan Ilmu keugamaan, akan tetapi juga weel qualified untuk keterampilan Komputer.

Kami dari ICDL Indonesia mengucapkan selamat untuk LIPIA dan Selamat untuk Syaykh Abdullah Hasan dan tentu saja selamat berlibur ke tanah Air Saudi Arabia, sampai jumpa lagi di jakarta untuk kesinambungan pembelajaran ICDL bagi para mahasiswa LIPIA. Semoga ALLAH SWT selalu bersama anda sekalian. Salam hormat kami untuk Anda semua(Agung Sedayu)

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LIPIA resmi menjadi ICDL ATC


Lab Komputer LIPIA

Mohon Kunjungi website YPI International

Setelah beberapa waktu proses perolehan ijin dari Riyadh, maka hari ini Tanggal 13 April 2010 LIPIA telah resmi menjadi ICDL Approved Test Center dan secara resmi pula berhak untuk menyelenggarakan pembelejaran ICDL dan atau menyelenggarakan Test ICDL sebagaimana yang telah ditetapkan aturan aturannya.

Seperti diketahui bahwa lembaga Pendidikan ini adalah cabang dari Lembaga pendidikan Tinggi di Saudi Arabia, dan tentu saja para alumninya akan menyandang gelar kesarjanaan Saudi Arabia. Lembaga pendidikan ini merupakan konstribusi Pemerintah kerajaan Saudi Arabia untuk Ummat islam Indonesia. Oleh sebab itu seluruh biaya kuliah di lembaga ini menjadi tanggung jawab sepenuhnya Pemerintah Kerajaan Saudi Arabia. Tentu kita semua memberikan apresiasi yang tinggi dan mendukung keberadaan Institusi ini.

Sheikh Abdullah Hasan sedang memerikasa Lab Komputer

Sebagaimana di kerajaan Saudi Arabia yang telah menendorse ICDL qualification asbegai bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari dunia Pendidikan dan Professional, maka LIPIA juga mengikuti trend innovative ini, dengan mengajukan permohonan kepada ICDL Indonesia untuk menjadi ICDL Approved test Center, program ini akan di pimpin oleh Dosen LIPIA yaitu Sheikh Abdullah Al Hasan, sosok pendidik yang amate bersahaja dan mempunyai latar belakang ICT.

Selamat untuk LIPIA dan Ahlan wa sahlan  untuk Sheikh Abdullah Hasan  (MYR)

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ICDL NVQ level

Qualification details
BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Extra) (ITQ) (QCF)(click disini)

Level 2 NVQ = adalah komptensi untuk menguasai suatu keterampilan dan meangaplikasikannya diberbagai lapangan kerja serta kesempatan, dan kemampuan dalam bekerja sama dengan kawan sepekerjaan

Persamaan kualifikasi Akademik

berdasarkan hasil penelitian London School of Economics (LSE) level NVQ adalah sama dengan ijazah peringkat GCSE grades A dan atau Ijazah BTEC diploma 1

Qualification summary

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the application of a range of IT user skills and knowledge in the workplace, meeting employer workforce demands. The flexibility of the ITQ will enable individuals’ skills to be adapted for a specific work based activity and/or employer requirement.

The ITQ allows for flexibility and choice. Learners and employers can identify the most appropriate units and levels of skills to meet their needs in the workplace and candidates can have a range of competences recognised at lower or higher levels than the base level chosen, where appropriate.

This qualification can also incorporate elements from the internationally recognised ECDL or Digital Creator qualifications.

Qualification details


  • Qualification reference number     500/6242/6
  • Awarding body    BCS - The British Computer Society
  • Qualification level   2
  • Qualification type QCF - QCF Qualification
  • Qualification dates
  1. Accreditation start date:
  2. 01/05/2009
  3. Operational start date in centres:
  4. 01/05/2009
  5. Accreditation end date:
  6. 31/12/2010
  7. Certification end date:
  8. 31/12/2012

Qualification offered in and the approved age ranges

For information on the approval of qualifications for funding in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, see the links to DCSF, DIUS, DCELLS, DELNI and DENI below.

When undertaking a qualification that does not appear on the governments' lists as eligible for funding for specific age ranges, users must be aware of legal requirements. Not all qualifications are suitable for all age ranges.


For further information on 14-19 qualifications offered in England, please refer to the DCSF Section 96 website.

For further information on 19+ qualifications offered in England, please refer to the DIUS Section 97 website.

For further information on Wales, visit the DCELLS website.

For further information on Northern Ireland, visit the DELNI and DENI websites.

Languages Offered In   English


This qualification is based on the National Occupational Standards for IT User as defined by e-skills UK. This enables the learner's achievements to be benchmarked against national standards in order for a greater level of recognition across employers.

The ITQ will allow for progression across BCS's IT User qualifications at different levels and will complement other vocational qualifications. Units from this qualification can contribute to ITQ at different levels or be used towards qualifications in other subject areas.

Potential job occupations
1.    Administrative Assistant/Administrator
2.    Computer Operator
3.    DTP Operator
4.    IT Trainer
5.    Personal Assistant (PA)

Qualification Purpose

D. Confirm occupational competence and/or ‘licence to practice’
Qualification Sub-Purposes

D1. Confirm competence in an occupational role to the standards required

Qualification sector/subject area -Qualification sub-areas
•    06 Information and Communication Technology
o    06.2  ICT for Users

Qualification credit value  16

Minimum credit to be achieved at, or above, the level of the qualification  16

Qualification guided learning hours 120

Diploma Guided Learning Hours 120

Overall grading system for the qualification Pass

Unit assessment methods

1.    Aural Examination
2.    Coursework
3.    E-assessment
4.    Multiple Choice Examination
5.    Oral Examination
6.    Portfolio of Evidence
7.    Practical Demonstration / Assignment
8.    Practical Examination
9.    Task-based controlled assessment
10.    Written Examination

Requirements other than the award of credit that need to be met before the qualification is awarded   N/A

Exemptions  N/A

Assessment requirements specified by the sector or regulatory bodies at unit level that apply to this qualification
The qualification will be awarded upon successful completion of all units within a valid rule of combination. There are no other assessment requirements other than those specified for the relevant units. BCS will adopt the assessment strategy as defined by e-skills UK for this qualification. The IT User Assessment Strategy is available from

Qualification structure summary

This qualification has a fixed combination of units. Upon successful completion of all units the qualification will be awarded. The learner must achieve 16 credits in order to be awarded this qualification.

Qualification structure

•    A  -  Mandatory Units

Credit Value required: Minimum 16, Maximum 16.

Sub-components required: Minimum 4, Maximum 4.

o    J/502/4156 - Improving Productivity Using IT
o    M/502/4622 - Presentation Software
o    F/502/4625 - Spreadsheet Software
o    R/502/4628 - Word Processing Software

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MAN/MAS yang telah mengembalikan Kontrak

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb,
Madrasah Aliyah tersebut dibawah ini adalah Madrasah yang telah menmgirmkan kembali Perjanjian Test Center ke ICDL Indonesia di Jakarta dan beberapa di Surabaya, kesemuanya lengkap dengan tandatangan Kandepag setempat sebagai saksi.

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MAN/MAS yang telah di approve oleh ICDL Indonesia

Madrasah Aliyah Swasta dan Negeri yang telah di approve applikasinya oleh ICDL Indonesia, adalah sebagai berikut dibawah ini (dimana jumlahnya akan terus diupdate setiap hari):

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Menag: Sarana Pendidikan Jangan Memalukan

Medan( Agama Suryadharma Ali mengatakan bangunan atau sarana fisik untuk menunjang kelancaran pendidikan jangan sampai memalukan mengingat dukungan dana untuk itu cukup besar. Persoalan sarana fisik pendidikan selalu terdengar memprihatinkan, karena itu anggaran yang ada harus dioptimalkan dengan menggunakan skala prioritas, kata Menag dalam acara silaturahim dengan jajaran Kementerian Agama, di Medan, Jumat (29/1).

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Support for ICDL program implementation at
5400 Islamic Secondary Schools in Indonesia

Dear Sir or Madams,
Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

As we know that the International communities perception about The Indonesian Islamic Schools is very limited and less knowledgeable, especially after the terrible tragedies / criminal actions by irresponsible peoples  happened  in Indonesia. Ironically some people believe that the actors of the terrorism's action is the Islamic School alumnus. Some Countries believe that some of The Indonesian Islamic  Schools (Pesantren) are produces Islamic Fundamentalist even terrorists.

International Communities (such as USA, British, Australia and other Countries) pay attention to the above mentioned problems with proposes supporting programs, for example USA and Australia inviting the Pesantren Leaders to learns and making observation in certain programs and interesting objects as a motivation. Unfortunately the result of this expensive supporting program is not as effective as expectation due to the leaders of Pesantren does not have a chance to share the knowledge and experiences to their local communities.

Another expectation supporting programs, the International Communities especially the USA Department of state proposes the New and Innovative Curriculum development programs for the Islamic schools, with approximately 50 Thousand  million US dollar fund allocation, but the programs was rejected by some of the Pesantren Leaders such as the Chairman of Nahthotul Ulama, Kyahi Haji Hasyim Muzadi.  The reason was not only because of political aspects but the most  important reason was no bridging programs to make Pesantren Leaders understand the objective of the proposed programs.

Based on the above experiences and the importance of the Information and Communication Technology learning program for the Islamic Schools in Indonesia, especially in this globalization era. We implemented already the forst step of ICDL Concept implementation program at 5400 Islamic Secondary School which is Accrediting the School to become  ICDL Approved Test and Training Centers )ATC) as a part of the whole proposed programs to reduce the degree of fundamentalism of the Islamic School’s alumnus as expected by the above International communities. Hopefully You all support the program.

We provided our Conceptual frame-work as discussion paper and we expect to receive a positive respond before we make a serious discussion with The Charitable Organization locally or Internationally. Fortunately we received a positive respond and professional advice from the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands, although the USAID, AUSAID rejected our proposal. The reason of rejection was a classic reason “ NOT ENOUGH FUND TO SUPPORT”. And we understood that the USA presently faced Economical problems and the USA before Obama Administration was just exposed its own pseudo attention to manipulates  their unbelievable allegation.

Just for your information that as the program executor, we would like to execute the program, with or without their support, and we will do it as Participation action program between ICDL Indonesia and the Local or International donors. In our side  we do allocate  and share Rp. 5000,000,000,- x 5400 Institutions = Rp. 27,000,000,000,-

The remaining balance will be arranged from the International Charitable Organization, especially from the Middle East Countries, such as :

1. Prince Al waleed Foundation
2. Yayasan Sultan Bolqiah
3. Al Makhtoum Foundation, and
4. Qatar Foundation

ICDL Indonesia received a green light from Brunei Darussalam prospective Partner to support ICDL Implementation in Nangaroe Aceh Darussalam, we will do discuss technically with ICDL Brunei Darussalam on this case.

In order for you to understand more about International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Concept, the following is a brief information about ICDL :

The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is an International certificate, which demonstrates a person's competence in computing knowledge and skills in accordance with international standards.  It is owned and managed by the ECDL Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Dublin, Ireland.

The ICDL syllabus, designed and regularly updated by a panel of experts to ensure relevance to the working world and advances in technology, covers the key concepts of computing, their practical applications and use in the workplace and society.  The complete syllabus currently endorsed by the Foundation may be found at, or . It consists of seven modules, each of which must be passed before the ECDL/ICDL certificate is awarded. The modules are:

1. Basic concepts of information technology
2. Using the computer and managing files
3. Word-processing
4. Spreadsheets
5. Database
6. Presentation
7. Information and Communication

ICDL is open to anyone regardless of age, education, experience or background. When a candidate registers to start the certification process, he/she receives an ICDL Skills Card on which the progress through the seven tests is recorded. As each module is passed, the accredited testing body will sign the Skills Card for that module. The modules may be taken over any period of time, in any order, even all at once, thus offering maximum flexibility. When all modules have been successfully completed within a maximum duration of 1 years, the Skills Card is exchanged for the ICDL certificate.

The Foundation has produced a set of standards and quality guidelines to ensure that the ICDL concept is operated in a consistent fashion in all member countries through adherence to these common quality standards. There is also a regular audit process.

What are the benefits?

The ICDL is an internationally accepted certification of basic computer skills for all citizens.  It has countless benefits for its holders, organizations, and the community at large.

To Organizations:

1. Measures training results
2. Provides a computer skills inventory
3. Improves pay-back on IT investments
4. Reduces technical support queries
5. Increases IT quality and productivity
6. Provides a benchmark for employee recruitment, promotion, and retention
To Individuals:

• Increases knowledge and confidence
• Improves job prospects
• Results in an internationally recognized qualification
• Confirms up-to-date IT skills to prospective employers.

To the Community:

• Addresses the issue of IT Skills shortage
• Closes the IT skills gap
• Attracts inward investment
• Creates new business opportunities.

Finally we thank you very much for your great attention, and we will hear from you in your convenience time.

God bless all of us.
Sincerely yours


MYR Agung Sidayu
Chairman ICDL Indonesia

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Bersama ini di umumkan bahwa ICDL Indonesia Kantor Cabang di Jalan Darmo Kali N0.1 B Surabaya, telah mengirimkan berkas awal Akreditasi International Computer Dirving Licence (ICDL) kepada seluruh Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah di Jawa Timur dan Nagroe Aceh Darussalam. menurut pihak Kantor Pos besar Surabaya, dokumen tersebut sudah diterima oleh sebagian besar Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah di Jawa timur dan Senen tanggal 1 Pebruari 2010 Dokumen telah diterima oleh seluruh Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah di Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

Untuk mempercepat proses akreditasi, maka kami mohon dengan hormat kepada seluruh Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah di Jawa timur dan Nangroe Aceh Darussalam untuk mengirim balik Formulir Permintaan Akreditasi ke kantor cabang ICDL Indonesia di Surabaya, jika mungkin melalui email dan harus disertai dengan :

  1. Copy perijinan Madrasah Aliyah dari Depag RI
  2. Foto Madrasah Aliyah dan Foto ruang kelas serta lab Komputer

Selanjutnya kami akan memproses dan proses akhirnya adalah pengiriman Contract of Acreditation kepada seluruh Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah yang telah memenuhi persyaratan. urutannya adalah :

  • Tahapan awal Pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah mengirimkan balik Application forms beserta Foto Madrasah (gedung secara keseluruh, ruang kelas, dan lab komputer)
  • Local investigation dilakukan untuk Madrasah Aliyah di Pulau Jawa, sementara yang diluar jawa review dilakukan memalui email.
  • Pengiriman Contract of Acreditation kepada pimpinan Madrasah Aliyah dan 1 copy diminta untuk dikembalikan ke Kantor ICDL Indonesia cabang Surabaya
  • Proses selanjutnya adalah instalasi system test ICDL melalui email atau melalui CDROM yang dikirimkan ke masing masing Madrasah Aliyah di seluruh Indonesia.
  • Penyerahan Certificate of Accreditation dilakukan dalam satu upacara khusus di Jakarta, dihadiri oleh Menteri Agama RI, dan tokoh tokoh Manca Negara, dalam hal ini Chairman ICDL Indonesia telah mengirim surat kepada bapak Presiden RI, kita berharap beliau berkenan hadir menyerahkan certificate of Accreditation secara symbolic.

Mari kita manfaatkan kesempatan ini, dan kita tunjukkan ke masyarakat International, bahwa lembaga Pendidikan Islam di negeri ini, bukanlah produser radikalis apalagi teroris, tetapi produser gerenasi muda Muslim yang well qualified.

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